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1407, 2017

God Exists

Pastor David delivers one of the most powerful messages on proving that God MUST exist if not only because the contrary is impossible.  Bringing science and mathematics together along

508, 2017

Christian Girl Life Tips

We are seeing a lot of different women standing for a lot of different things. As christian women we have to decide which camp we choose to be in.

704, 2017

Not to Be Religious

Pastor David delivers a message that to many of us could change our entire thought process on how we view our "Religious Practices".  Satan surely has a way of

1708, 2017

Cosmic Conflict – The Origin of Evil

Why does the Earth seem so evil?  If God is so good why has he aloud Satan to do seemingly what ever he pleases?  Pastor Doug talks about these

708, 2017

Don’t be Dumb – Your Money Matters

Lead Pastor Justin Miller and Compass Ministries CEO Howard Dayton discuss the value in being wise with your finances.  Howard covers so much about all the little details that

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