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1407, 2017

God Exists

Pastor David delivers one of the most powerful messages on proving that God MUST exist if not only because the contrary is impossible.  Bringing science and mathematics together along

2907, 2017

CT1-22: How old is planet Earth?

Eric Hovind from CreationToday.org talks about the age of the Earth and some of the misnomers about it.  In the Bible it says that the Earth is almost 6,000 years

2907, 2017

CT1-10: The Age of the Earth

Eric Hovind from CreationToday.org interviews John Mckay of CreationReasearch.net about the age of the Earth and how evolutionist came up with the various dates that we have today.  From some

2907, 2017

CT1-21: Is evolution a religious worldview?

Eric Hovind from CreationToday.org speaks on the six different kinds of evolution and answers the question "Is evolution a religious worldview?".  From the origin of matter to the origin of

509, 2017

Dinosaurs For Kids

Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis Director, delivers an explanation for dinosaurs according to the Bible.  This message is designed for children to better understand how dinosaurs fit into the

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