Dress for Modesty?

Kristen and Bethany have felt intense pressure to conform to the modern fashion trends. Instead of caving in to this pressure, these sisters have learned that modesty and fashion can totally go hand in hand. This inspiring video will show you how to honor God with your clothing while looking top-notch-adorable in the process.

Project Modesty E-book: GirlDefined.com


In this Girl Defined Vlog, Kristen and Bethany share 5 wardrobe hacks that are essential for dressing modestly during the hot summer months.  Thank God for women like this because if you don’t already know I was not born a woman and until I was married to my wonderful wife I didn’t know much about fashion.  *sigh longingly*  My life became infinity easier the moment my wife told me that she was willing to buy my cloths from now on.  Please Enjoy.

Dressing modestly in the hot summer months can be really challenging. Here are a few tips to help you take modesty into your summer swimwear.  I personally appreciated this one because most girls don’t think about their swimwear connected with modesty.  Being a Christian man I don’t entirely look forward to going to the beach when the snow melts and swim season is upon us because the best way to keep ones eyes pure is to “not set any wicked thing” before them.  Thanks again Girl Defined.

Don’t attend prom just because it’s the normal, cool, fun thing to do. Make honoring Christ your biggest priority when it comes to your choice to attend or not to attend.
Here are five things to consider before saying “yes” to prom.

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