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Christian Girls & Dating

God is the original designer of love, marriage, and sex. Those were His idea from the very beginning. Let’s dig into His Word and figure how He defines each of those areas.

The question of whether a Christian should date a non-Christian has been circulating for centuries. Here’s what God’s word has to say on the topic of dating a non-Christian.

Maintaining purity in a romantic relationship is not an easy thing to do. John and Elizabeth are a newly married couple and remember the early days of their relationship very clearly. They offer practical advice on how to honor God in this area of a relationship.

Here are the 6 types of guys we personally would never recommend for you to date, court, or marry.

Will you pray for your future husband? This vlog challenges single girls to start praying for their future husband.

Do you have a list of things you’re looking for in a future husband? Kristen had a list of her own as a single girl and shares her new perspective on that list now that she’s a married woman.

It’s time for us as single girls to recognize that singleness isn’t a season to “endure” until marriage, but a season to serve God to the best of our ability. Here are 6 ideas on how to live your single years well.

Why do some people claim this book ruined their lives? And why was this book helpful for others (us included)? And more importantly, how do we avoid disastrous outcomes like this in the future?

If you are willing to follow God, trust in His perfect plan, cling to His Word, pour out your heart to Him, He can use your heartbreak for good.

What is a good age to start dating? Is it better to be in a struggling relationship than to be single? How can I be “just friends” with guys? These are all great questions! Watch today’s vlog to hear our answers to each of these questions.

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